Passé Legacy

 You don’t have to afford the most expensive jewelry in the world to access beautiful, well-made pieces. Introducing Passé & Co., handmade pieces designed and crafted by expert artisans that represent the pinnacle of luxury and quality; from simple pendants to intricate rings, we use 18K, 22K, and 24-karat gold in every piece. Each piece of jewelry from Passé & Co. features real gold in addition to its unique design, ensuring that each item can be enjoyed as both an investment and a keepsake—a rare combination in today’s jewelry market. Passé & Co.’s elegant pieces are handcrafted with love in limited quantities, ensuring that each piece of jewelry you own is truly one of a kind. The Passé Collection1 reflects a rustic handcrafted aesthetic and refined craftsmanship with passion and bold sophistication.
Passé & Co. is based in the heart of NYC.