Collection 1

  • Our Mission

    At Passé, we responsibly source our gold from the Motherland and produce one-of-a-kind, fine-crafted pendants and rings. Each collection created will be inspired by a different story. Every piece is curated as an NFT and is verified on the blockchain. This certificate of authenticity holds as verification and is also valued as a piece of digital art that you own.

  • Why Gold?

    Gold is one of the more refined precious metals, and its value holds up great. We use only the finest 18k, 22k, and 24K in our artisan pieces.

  • Why NFT's?

    NFTs will make ownership frictionless and straightforward. They will allow you to move digital objects from place to place without any centralized structure. They will enable you to more efficiently and effectively prove you own an official Passé & Co. piece and prove its authenticity. Also, your NFT will hold its value as a piece of art that you, the purchaser, own separately from the tangible item.